AdvanTech’s most comprehensive, RFID based, Real-Time Location System to date. Businesses are able to track their assets’ location and location history in real time.  AVA RTLS offers three different solutions, including our newest Low Energy Bluetooth(LEB) technology.



3 Flexible Solutions

 EPC Gen2 Passive Tags

A solution that gives companies the ability to track inventory using Passive RFID tags. Tags are placed on the assets and antennas are connected to readers. As assets move to different locations, readers and tags communicate, sending signal updates to the AVA RTLS user interface. Passive RFID reading range is within 8-12 feet.

LEB Active Tags

With tracking distances up to 300 feet, LEB 5.0 tags are the best and most accurate RTLS tags AdvanTech has to offer. These tags give businesses the ability to track assets and inventory within an inch of its actual locations in real time. Batteries in the tags are rechargeable and last up to two years making them extremely reliable and reusable.

AVA Hybrid System

The AVA Hybrid System is a solution that uses both Passive and Active RFID tags. Depending on the amount of assets and inventory that is being tracked and the nature of those assets, the AVA Hybrid System will be the most cost effective solution for your business. Using both LEB and passive RFID tags will take your visibility to the next level.





AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.