When your customers are in a hurry and hungry, they don’t have time -or patience- for inaccurate orders. Deliver a personalized dining experience that goes beyond customer expectations. Contact Advantech for a demo at your drive-thru.

1) RFID Windshield Tag

  • Designed to endure through the harshest environments and applications, Zebra’s RFID labels are programmed with a customer’s usual order, bringing contactless personalization to the drive-thru. Learn More

2) RFID Antennas

  • To extract stored orders, Zebra’s RFID antennas are positioned near the front of the drive-thru lane, alerting your staff of incoming usual orders. Learn More

3) Point-of-Sale

  • Team members can increase line speed and eliminate miscommunication errors by simply adding modifications to the extracted order. See It In Action

4) Desktop Printers

  • Accelerate printing speeds for faster order labeling without requiring a large-scale device. Faster labeling prevents further mistakes, boosting accuracy rates up to 90%. Learn More


Slash Drive-Thru Time



Advanced Ordering improves speed and accuracy


Fly-Thru Drive-Thru…

Enhances Customer Experience
        • Remember each Customer’s favorite order
        • Customers spend less time in the drive-thru
        • Integrates with loyalty programs
Increases Drive-Thru Operational Efficiency
        • Slash drive-thru times up to 40%
        • Maintain internal processes
        • Ensure order accuracy
Increases Restaurant Profits
        • Increase overall sales by 10%
        • Increase customer frequency
        • Quick and Lasting Return on Investment






More Info?

    AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.


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