Headquartered in Annapolis, MD and servicing a wide variety of commercial industry-leading firms and state and federal government agencies across the United States and Canada, AdvanTech, Inc. was founded in 1996 with the objective to provide “advanced technology for competitive performance.”

Our expertise is enhanced by our proven ability to provide value-added technology and related services leveraging our relationships with industry-leading technology partners. Our mission is something for which all our team members take ownership; it has become a part of us:

At AdvanTech, Inc., our entire team is committed
to something greater than ourselves.
We listen to clients’ needs and define their challenges to make
their accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.

Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity – we are committed to honesty and doing the right thing
  • Excellence – we are driven to achieve greatness and to be the best service provider in our space
  • Humility – we take our business seriously, just not ourselves
  • Positive Attitude – our optimism and belief in each other is infectious
  • Teamwork – we respect and value our team, resulting in value adding collaboration

These values are reflected in our everyday actions. From AdvanTech’s leadership through to each employee, we value the ethics, morals and integrity behind our words. Our employees work together with seamless synergy and teamwork, putting customers first, every day. While so many companies claim to provide the best customer service, we put our best foot forward, striving for preeminence and excellence, all while maintaining a positive attitude.

With diffidence and humility, we realize that we are nothing without our customers, and that we are not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less. We are committed to something greater than us.

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