AVA Item ManagerTM is a total supply chain visibility and logistics management system developed by AdvanTech, Inc..  The system utilizes a web-based interface, passive RFID (pRFID) tagging and barcoding.  It is a fully-loaded system encompassing a vast amount of logistics processes including: requisitioning, order-tracking, inventory management, stock levels, issuance, and disposal.


  • Increased visibility of inventory across entire organization, leading to decreased inventory costs.
  • Manages ordering and communicates with legacy purchasing system to decrease labor costs associated with purchasing.
  • The system has full audit trails with transaction history.
  • Easy-to-use interface and multiple users allowed.
  • Inventory can be identified at all levels with passive RFID (pRFID) or Barcodes.
  • Full physical inventory replenishment process.
  • Customized Master Catalog that identifies all items approved for purchase.
  • The system automatically alerts suppliers when inventory is low.


AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.
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