With the CaptureTech KeyConductor – Key Management System, AdvanTech can provide the solution to all of your key management and key tracking needs. The RFID and barcode-based system utilizes incredibly tough and secure construction to keep your keys safely locked away and only available to those individuals who have the authorization to access them.

Use the KeyConductor system to assign sets of keys to individuals or groups, restrict the times users have access to keys, create a reservation for keys, automate the issuing of keys by giving your employees their own unique access code that will only allow them to check out keys that they are cleared to have, and create trackable and traceable transactions within the cabinet – always know if your keys are in the locker or checked out and by whom.

The KeyConductor system is a robust and secure way to manage your organization’s keys securely and effectively. Download the brochure and check out the video below to see more.

Download the KeyConductor Brochure

Video: https://www.capturetech.com/us/key-asset-management/key/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2gWGBYf03A

If you are interested in how the KeyConductor system by CaptureTech can help your organization, contact us today!

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