KeyConductor System –Providing a high-durability, high-security solution for your key management and key tracking needs.

This barcode-based system utilizes incredibly tough and secure construction to keep your keys safely locked away and is only available to those users with authorization to access them. With software running in the cloud, your key and user information can be accessed securely, anywhere you have access to the internet; meaning you are never out of the loop, and your users are never without support.

Each KeyConductor System comes standard with:

  • KeyConductor Unit(s)
  • 1st Year Software Licenses
  • 1st Year Annual Support Services
  • 1-year Warranty on parts and software
  • Installation Services (remote support or local installation)
  • Training

The KeyConductor System provides significant benefits to your organization and the security of your keys including:

  • Remote management of all of your KeyConductors through SaaS in a secure cloud environment
  • High durability steel construction
  • High security construction, key holders, door locks
  • Easy key access management (users, roles, times, security requirements, training requirements, licenses, etc.)
  • Central management of multiple KeyConductors
  • Secure KeyCops with multiple key ring styles
  • Alarm functions
  • Access records for all transactions
  • Audit trails for usage analysis, chain of custody reviews, and incident investigations
  • Easy integration with existing applications and platforms such as Ultimo, SAP, Lenel, Active Directory, TOPdesk, nedap, and many others.

Through our experience, we have seen many varied applications for the KeyConductor system like these listed below, but this list is ever growing as we work with more and more customers ensuring their requirements are met:

  • Building/Room Access Management for Maintenance Personnel
  • Room Reservation Management
  • Vehicle Reservation Management
  • Resident spare-key storage
  • Fleet Management
  • Secure Keyed Compartment Access Management

We also offer additional accessories/upgrades to the base system to further tailor your KeyConductor to your existing processes and requirements:

  • Integration of existing ID Badge systems like Active Directory, Lenel, and many others
  • Biometric Fingerprint Access
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Extended Life Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Outdoor Weather Resistance Conditioning
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Cellular Connectivity

The KeyConductor system is a robust and secure way to manage your organization’s keys securely and effectively. Download the brochure and check out the video below to see more.

Download the KeyConductor Brochure



If you are interested in how the KeyConductor system by CaptureTech can help your organization, contact us today!

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