AVA ArmoryTrakTM is a tool developed by AdvanTech developers that allows Property Book Officers to track assets using RFID tags.  Assets, weapons, or other inventory items can be checked out using RFID technology.  This software is a full-featured inventory management system that provides full audit trails.

It also includes: multi-entity procurement, requisitioning and receiving, remote inventory, cross leveling, and an individual property book down to the serial number.  Weapon tracking can be a big burden on an organization, so why not gain better safety and visibility through AVA ArmoryTrak?


  • Increased asset accountability leads to stronger safety.
  • Real-time individual property book records and visibility of assets.
  • Accuracy in distribution and sale of weapons.
  • Smartphone and mobile compatible.


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AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.
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