For decades, AdvanTech, Inc. has been providing the most innovative and creative products and applications to the Government and Private Sector.  As we develop our products and applications, we always keep in mind our philosophy of Accuracy, Visibility, and Accountability. We have set goals at AdvanTech to provide customers with top-of-the-line technology that improves business productivity while helping to streamline business processes. Whether it is accurate asset tracking and measurements, or more visibility for better supply chain management, AdvanTech is committed to continuous improvement and strong leadership in many different industries.
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AVA Enterprise Manager Suite

AVA ArmoryTrak

ArmoryTrak is a tool that allows Property Officers (such as Armorers) to track assets using Radio Frequency Identification tags. Your assets, weapons or any other items in your armory can be checked in and out using cost effective, RFID technology. Use AVA ArmoryTrak to reduce labor tasks, increase safety, and automate your entire inventory.

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AVA Asset Manager

A software and hardware solution that allows users to track all durable assets within their business.  The AVA Asset Manager can be used to track property, plant, equipment, and personnel down to a specific serial and room number. Use AVA Asset Manager to track asset movement and work orders, increase visibility of your inventory management and much more!

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AVA Item Manager

A total supply chain visibility and logistics management system. AVA Item Manager is a comprehensive inventory management system that uses Passive RFID tagging, barcoding, and a web-based interface.  It encompasses a vast amount of logistics processes including requisitioning, order tracking, inventory management, stock levels, issuance, disposal, and much more.  AVA Item Manager includes full audit trails with transaction history and an easy-to-use interface with multiple users allows.

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AVA RFID Manager

A hardware solution that upgrades Asset and Item Manager applications to use RFID technology. With AVA RFID Manager, various RFID tag standards are supported including EPC Gen2 and Low-Energy Bluetooth. The RFID technology is used for access control, in supply chain management, to track inventory movement, equipment assets, files, high-loss items such as electronics, and much more.  Stay in control of your inventory and assets with AVA RFID Manager!

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AdvanTech’s most comprehensive, RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based Real-Time Location System to date. Businesses are able to track their assets’ location and location history in real-time. AVA RTLS offers three different solutions: passive radio frequency identification (pRFID), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stand-alone, and a blended system. Each version can be tailored to fit your existing operations and which one you need will be based on your organization’s requirements for tracking.

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AVA Package Tracker

The AVA Package Tracking Module helps organizations deliver staff or customer packages more efficiently and securely. Developed as a way for organizations to effectively gain accuracy, visibility, and accountability of packages through distribution, the Package Tracking Module will track your deliveries from the shipping department to the recipient, all while providing audit records and transaction histories for precision delivery and management.

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AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.
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