ATI, in partnership with CaptureTech, Inc, is proud to provide our U.S. customers with the KeyConductor and CapLocker systems. These secure, web-based, infinitely scalable barcode and RFID based systems will provide your organization with managed control and security for access to keys, tools, or packages and can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide better internal and external services.

These key and locker management systems can be operated from our secure data center in Annapolis, MD, or on any cloud service provider’s platform. Additionally, if requested, the systems can even be hosted on your own network. Our tailored solutions integrate the KeyConductor or CapLocker systems into your processes to maximize your existing operations.


Using barcodes and RFID technology, the KeyConductor system allows your organization to track and secure keys and ID cards in a whole new way. Using the KeyManager software, you can set groups, define access levels, control issue and return times, manage reservations, and much more, all remotely from your computer or phone.

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Penco lockers, made in the U.S.A, with ATI and CaptureTech have developed the CapLocker digital locker management system. CapLocker allows you to temporarily store packages for individuals to pick up, store tools that need to be checked out, or provide drop-off or pickup locations for electronics repair. These secure lockers have unlimited potential to help your organization better manage your assets and services.

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