With the CaptureTech Caplocker – Electronic Locker System, paired with the manufacturing expertise and history of Penco Products, AdvanTech is providing a strong, secure and versatile solution to your secure locker needs. The CapLocker system was designed specifically for efficient asset management and controlled access. These lockers can be installed inside or outside, tied into existing software systems, and operate entirely on the web so you can always stay in the know, no more endless paperwork and searching.

Using these lockers will help you manage equipment, restrict access to specific pieces of equipment, provide short-term secure storage, manage drop-off and pickup transactions, provide a central package delivery location, and track every transaction through robust reporting and audit capabilities.

Download the Brochure and check out the videos below to see more.

Download the CapLocker Brochure

Video: https://www.capturetech.com/us/key-asset-management/electronic-lockers/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06EAvIuR8vA

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AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.