For decades, AdvanTech, Inc. has been providing creative logistics solutions for both government and commercial service needs. AdvanTech’s services are the result of team members with expert knowledge on logistics services and technology with the will and skill to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Whether your firm needs assistance with Logistics Consulting or Logistics Services, or is looking for solutions with Logistics Technology, or 3-D Body Scanner Technology, AdvanTech can help.

We have worked with most industries in both private and public sectors to devise solutions using current technologies and finding new ways to use existing technologies. If you are interested in any of the following services or need assistance on which services can benefit your firm, please contact us to discuss further.

BodyScanner3-D Body Scanner Turnkey Service

AdvanTech’s 3-D Body Scanner Turnkey Service is a solution built around the implementation of a 3-D Body Scanner. We will provide consultation, site analysis, body scanner recommendations, operations guidance, and implementation from start to finish. Customers will receive a 3-D Body Scanner, training and support for affordable monthly cost options through this turnkey service.

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Business Operations Outfitting/Transition Service (BOOTS)

AdvanTech has over 10-years of experience as a company providing transition and outfitting services for government and commercial organizations. We provide experts that will help your organization design layouts, procure assets, install, train and provide personnel transition services to ensure your company can open a new location or transition to a new location without missing a step.

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Logistics Consulting

AdvanTech’s logistics consultants are some of our most successful advisors that will provide you strong visibility into your logistics operations. Our main goal is to give you a 360-degree insight into your logistics operational deficiencies and provide solutions to these problems. Use our logistics consultants to increase productivity and operating efficiency through improved logistics and supply chain performance today.

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Website official 1Logistics Services

AdvanTech has been providing logistics and warehouse management services for a better part of 20 years. We have vast experience in the full planning and execution of logistics and supply chain management activities. With a well-versed staff, and exemplary past performance, AdvanTech will get the job done at the highest level of professional standards.

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AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.
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