AdvanTech presents its 3-D Body Scanner Turnkey Service. This is a full procurement and installation service that includes consultation, site analysis, body scanner recommendations, operations guidance, and implementation from start to finish.  We not only provide the scanner, but also installation and training.  This service and the 3-D Body Scanning Systems have uses in multiple industries such as healthcare, academic research, retail environments, uniform precision and even fitness scanning.


  • Five Body Scanner options ranging from Infrared technology to Temporal 3-D, which provides true anatomical 3-D accuracy of soft tissue behavior
  • Scan accuracy up to submillimeter resolution
  • Complete 3-D body scan within seconds


Automating data collection and reporting of  Body and Apparel Measurements

MEASURE-IT is software that automates the data collection and reporting of body and apparel measurements. Accurate measurements are recorded at the click of a button when paired with a Gamma Bluetooth Measuring Device. Gamma allows users to take extremely accurate measurements in a snap, and then wirelessly transmit that information to a pc or tablet to create a fully digital process.

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Virtual Body Transformation Tracking

The AnthroTrak 2.5 SA provides multiple 3D images of an individual’s changing physique – a virtual representation of continual body transformation. By combining the most accurate laser body scanner with a powerful user app, the AnthroTrak 2.5 SA is designed to create a complete set of body measurements for physical fitness securely to the user only, allowing visualization and progress towards individual goals.

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