Cyber Security

AdvanTech’s philosophy for Cyber Security is to provide a full spectrum of physical and digital protections from outside threats. Advantech Cyber Security personnel are technically qualified with the latest network security certifications and can provide a thorough review your current environment and deliver suggested mitigation alternatives for:

      1. Data Center Network Architecture and Segmentations (Physical/Logical)
      2. IP and DNS Visibility
      3. Evaluation of current network hardware
      4. Redundancy and Fail over of data and broadband lines
      5. VPN configurations
      6. Web page coding for potential intrusion holes
      7. Penetration Testing (from inside and outside the firewall)
      8. Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) linkages
      9. Alternative Authentication Technology Integration
      10. Ongoing Vulnerability Scans
Cybersecure-IT Vulnerability Scanner

Advantech understands the requirement for constant cybersecurity monitoring. As technology improves, new software is installed, and existing assets need to be replaced, new vulnerabilities may be introduced. Advantech’s Cybersecure-IT Scanner device provides scanning capabilities to your internal cybersecurity or IT team. Simply connect the device to your network and it will scan your system and all software and devices connected. A report listing potential issues and recommendations for mitigating actions will be generated as a result of the scan. The capabilities of the Cybersecure-IT scanner are constantly being updated with the latest information from users around the globe. The Cybersecure-IT provides:

      1. Penetration Testing – The device scans 30,000 different penetration routes and provides reports that your internal team can use to increase security and mitigate risk.
      2. Software Vulnerability Reporting – The device reviews all software exposed to the network and looks for potential security risks and provides mitigations steps to fix.
      3. Network Hardware Vulnerability Scanning – The device scans all ports in every machine and determines what is on them and what risk is associated with each port. 
      4. Reports – The final report generated by the Cybersecure-IT Scanner provides a detailed list of all potential threats and mitigating steps recommended to ensure your network is as secure and protected from inside and outside threats as possible.