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No matter where in the supply chain your business falls, we have solutions for your pain points. Warehouse and Distribution Managers can find our software and services to perform RFID Item Level Receiving, Inventory Tracking & Control, Shipping Validation, Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting and Pallet Tracking <Fleet

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Warehousing Distributions Managers

Warehousing Distribution managers. We want to help. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In mattis eget massa ac euismod. Nunc imperdiet est id mattis ultrices. Integer in enim lobortis, lacinia metus in, posuere massa. Aliquam luctus lorem in risus lacinia hendrerit. Donec nec accumsan metus.

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City of Cincinnati – Inventory Management System

AdvanTech, Inc. (ATI) is pleased to submit this Proposal to the City of Cincinnati (“the City”) regarding the RFP for an Enterprise Inventory Management System to track various medical, equipment, and consumable items in the departments of Parks, Recreation, Police, Fire, ETS, and Health. The attached documentsRead more


AdvanTech’s most comprehensive, RFID based, Real-Time Location System to date. Businesses are able to track their assets’ location and location history in real time.  AVA RTLS offers three different solutions, including our newest Low Energy Bluetooth(LEB) technology.     3 Flexible Solutions  EPC Gen2 Passive Tags A solutionRead more

AVA Item Manager

AVA Item ManagerTM is a total supply chain visibility and logistics management system developed by AdvanTech, Inc..  The system utilizes a web-based interface, passive RFID (pRFID) tagging and barcoding.  It is a fully-loaded system encompassing a vast amount of logistics processes including: requisitioning, order-tracking, inventory management, stock

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AVA RFID Manager

AVA RFID ManagerTM is Advantech, Inc.’s solution that upgrades AVA Asset ManagerTM, AVA Item ManagerTM, or existing legacy systems to use RFID technology.  RFID tags provide access control in supply chain management systems, to track inventory movement.  With our solution, various RFID tag standards are supported including EPC

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AVA Asset Manager

AVA Asset ManagerTM is a software and hardware solution that allows users to track all assets within their business. This software is used to track property, plant, equipment, and personnel down to a specific serial and room number. Through AVA Asset Manager, numerous operational and accounting reports

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