AVA Enterprise Manager Suite for Assemblies and Kitting Processes

AdvanTech, Inc. is pleased to introduce our most comprehensive system to date, the AVA Enterprise Manager Suite.  Comprised of asset management, inventory management, procurement, and RFID tracking, the AVA Enterprise Manager Suite will take your business operations to the next level. The Suite provides increased visibility and accountability of assets, asset location, asset and inventory usage, stock levels, and stock replenishment.  Increase operational efficiency and save time and money through implementation of the AVA Enterprise Manager Suite.

AVA Enterprise Manager Suite includes ATI’s three different modules: AVA Asset Manager, AVA Item Manager, AVA RFID Manager.

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AVA Enterprise Management Suite

AVA Asset Manager

A software and hardware solution that allows users to track all durable assets within their business.  The AVA Asset Manager can be used to track property, plant, equipment, and personnel down to a specific serial and room number. Use AVA Asset Manager to track asset movement and work orders, increase visibility of your inventory management and much more!

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AVA Item Manager

A total supply chain visibility and logistics management system. AVA Item Manager is a comprehensive inventory management system that uses Passive RFID tagging, barcoding, and a web-based interface.  It encompasses a vast amount of logistics processes including requisitioning, order tracking, inventory management, stock levels, issuance, disposal, and much more.  AVA Item Manager includes full audit trails with transaction history and an easy to use interface with multiple users allows.

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AVA RFID Manager

A hardware solution that upgrades Asset and Item Manager applications to use RFID technology. With AVA RFID Manager, various RFID tag standards are supported including EPC Gen2 and Low-Energy Bluetooth. The RFID technology is used for access control, in supply chain management, to track inventory movement, equipment assets, files, high loss items such as electronics and much more.  Stay in control of your inventory and assets with AVA RFID Manager!

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Assembly and Kitting Management Introduction

A car does not simply come into being. The process of taking individual parts and assembling them into a functioning product can, depending on the product, be a very complex task when looked at from a logistics management perspective. So how does one get from a screw to a car? From a wire to a computer? 

From a logistics management view every product begins as a series of parts. Those parts form sub-assemblies.  Those sub-assemblies form a final product. Lets use the car example. Raw materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, leather, and screws and bolts are assembled to form parts. These parts include, but are not limited to, car frames, electronics, wheels, engines, and seats.  These parts form your “sub assembly”. These parts then go through another assembly to form your final product, a car.

These raw materials, sub assembly parts, and final product must be logistically tracked. This tracking helps the organization keep a close eye on production availability. Too few raw materials and you will have delays in the creation of the sub assemblies. Too few sub-assemblies and there are production delays for the final products.

ATI recognizes how complex and daunting tracking of these materials and sub assemblies can be. The AVA Enterprise Manager Suite is here to help. The AVA Enterprise Manager Suite, using asset and inventory management functions and RFID tracking technology, will help you maintain visibility, accuracy and accountability of all your parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies throughout the entire production process.

Tracking Technologies


Tracking Parts with Barcodes

ATI offers a barcode tracking solution that can be used on low cost items. As raw materials come into the warehouse, barcode labels can be printed and attached to them.  The barcode tag number will coincide with the product serial number.  As the materials are brought into the assembly line, workers can scan the barcodes to let the AVA Enterprise Manager Suite know where the item is and that it is being used. Barcode scanning distance is 0-6 inches and will bring another level of visibility to a manufacturer.


Tracking Sub-Assemblies with pRFID

For more valuable items and during sub-assemblies, ATI recommends passive RFID (pRFID) tracking.  Benefits to pRFID are more accurate and faster tracking.  RFID labels are printed out and placed on each item.  The labels coincide with an item serial number and are automatically brought into the AVA Enterprise Manager Suite.  The labels can either be read by a mounted reader with antennas attached or a pRFID barcode scanner.  Multiple items can be scanned at once, unlike barcode scanning. As items go through each part of the assembly line, readers and antennas can be set up, so tags can be read.  This gives manufacturers the ability to know where and how many parts are in each place of the assembly.

Tracking Finished Good with LEB

ATI’s Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB) solution is a true, Real Time Location System.  We recommend that these tags be used for finished goods during the manufacturing process.  As a product is finished, attach an LEB tag and track it until shipping. LEB tags have tracking distances up to 300 feet and will track the exact location of a product.  These tags will provide the strongest visibility for a manufacturer and will help to prevent lost or stolen finished products.  The tags will communicate directly with the AVA Enterprise Manager Suite and tell you the exact location of a product at any and all times.


Product Tracking FlowChart

Asset and inventory visibility are important during the manufacturing and assembly process.  The chart above shows how different tracking options fit in during assembly. As raw materials move to a finished product, value is added.  ATI offers different levels of tracking for different levels of value during the assembly process. For a businesses less expensive goods or raw materials, barcoding and passive RFID are more suitable options.  But as a product gains value and is eventually finished, businesses need to consider better visibility and stronger tracking. ATI recommends our RTLS Low Energy Bluetooth solution or our passive RFID solution for these situations.  A hybrid system of all three provides the most cost-effective, accurate and visible solution for a manufacturing business.


AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.