Maryland State Department of Education

We are very pleased to submit AdvanTech, Inc.’s (ATI) offer in response to your need for a Fixed Asset Inventory Management Solution with the integrated RFID functionality.

Our AVA™ Logistics Suite was designed to incorporate our 10 plus years’ experience implementing RFID throughout the entire DoD Combat Uniform and Individual Equipment supply chain.  We also worked with our RFID tag suppliers to develop a RFID labels and tags specially designed for moveable assets which include Computers and other information technology hardware.  The labels and tags we proposed have been tested for reliable reading at 8 to 10 feet, not inches.  We have also included a RFID printer to generate the RFID labels on demand.  Finally, the handheld terminals are designed to be linked to the associated tablet or laptop, so the data captured can be processed in real time.

ATI is a small business based in Annapolis, Maryland, with over 20 years of experience in Asset/Inventory Management, Logistics, Physical Inventories, Multi-Commodity Supply Chain and information technology integration.  Our staff has the in-depth knowledge and experience to undertake this initiative and to complete it effectively: on time and within budget.  As shown in my resume, before AdvanTech, I spent 15 years at the Johns Hopkins Health System; with 7 of them as Director of Materials Management managing over $100 million in Assets.  I still reside in the Canton area of East Baltimore.

This private webpage was designed to provide MSDE with other relevant information to support the contents within our RFP Response. There is a full PowerPoint presentation for your review by clicking on the image above.  To the right are our marketing brochures for our solutions. Finally, you will find video links below showing how RFID automates the Receiving, Issuing and Physical Inventory Processes.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding this document and look forward to an opportunity to provide our proven asset management services-related capabilities.



Robert Bona, CEO / General Manager


AVA Integrated Modules Overview PDF

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT









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Examples of Our RFID Projects

VIDEO: Physical Inventory: Here is an example of a fully RFID Physical Inventory.

VIDEO: ArmoryTrak at Travis AFB: Here is an example of our ArmoryTrak Solution at Travis Air Force Base.

VIDEO: RFID at Ft. Carson: Here is the Example of the Full Body Scanner Integration at Ft. Carson

VIDEO: RFID Chute at Lackland RFID: Here is an example of our RFID Chute at Lackland AFB – PART I.

VIDEO: RFID Receiving at Lackland RFID: Here is an example of our RFID Receiving at Lackland AFB.