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AdvanTech, Inc. (ATI) is pleased to have submitted our response to your Request for Information for RFID review, analysis and upgrade. ATI has been involved in the integration of RFID into all 3 segments of the Supply Chain since 2008.  Working with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Service Branches and the Apparel Manufacturers, ATI successfully put into production an integrated RFID process where the Pallet, Carton and Item RFID tags/labels were attached by the Manufacturers, and the Service Branches used the Item RFID tags to issue the items to the Warfighters.

Since then, ATI has extended its expertise into Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB) technology.  This technology provides true Real-Time Location because the RFID beacons transmit constantly due to its internal battery power.  With the new 5.0 version, these tags can now last up to 5 years without changing the batteries.  The transmission distance is up to 150 feet, whereas the passive RFID (pRFID) is no more than 20 feet.  The LEB technology can measure Environmental conditions such as Temperature, Humidity and CO2 levels.  Finally, these tags can be located using any SmartPhone with an internal Bluetooth port.

ATI has no exclusive agreement for RFID equipment.  We have used Alien, Motorola, Zebra and Impinj Readers.  Our choice of RFID inlays is Avery Dennison because of the wide selection.  We currently design and manufacture our Bluehoundä LEB Tags and Readers.  This wide range of available technology gives us the ability to recommend the best-combined solution to our Clients.  Over the last 15 years, we used our Operations Consulting, Business Process Reengineering and Six Sigma background to incorporate our available technology tools into our Clients’ business processes.  The outcomes were more efficient, less costly, and extremely accurate operations for our Clients. 

Our AVA™ Logistics Suite software was designed, written and maintained in-house.  This gives us the ability to update our code when the need arises.  Our Help Desk provides both User and Technical Support. With our ongoing support agreement, we offer an equipment replacement program.  We will overnight a replacement piece of equipment within 24 hours.

This private webpage was designed to provide the Social Security Administration with other relevant information to support the contents within our RFI Response. There is a full PowerPoint presentation for your review by clicking on the image above.  To the right are our marketing brochures for our solutions. Finally, you will find video links below showing how RFID automates the Receiving, Issuing and Physical Inventory Processes.

In closing, I believe we are offering a total solution that no one else can provide at a cost that will still be competitive with the other potential submissions. With our main office located in Annapolis and its proximity to BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, we can physically be at any SSA location within a couple of hours or sooner.

We look forward to continuing this discussion and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.




Robert Bona, CEO / General Manager

Cell: 410-935-4082


AVA Integrated Modules Overview PDF

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT









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Examples of Our RFID Projects

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