AVA – Asset Manager

AVA Asset Manager is a software and hardware solution that allows users to track all durable assets within their business.  This asset management system is used to track property, plant, equipment, and personnel down to a specific serial and room number.  Through AVA Asset Manager, numerous operational and accounting reports can be generated for company use.  This system is meant to provide assistance in gaining better visibility over all assets and asset movement.

AVA Asset Manager provides a wide variety of tools to help manage the durable assets in a facility or organization.  The system can incorporate Low Energy Bluetooth, Passive RFID, Barcodes, or any combination of the three.  With Low Energy Bluetooth technology, the system functions as a Real Time Location System (RTLS).  The system also provides two options for storing secure data.  The first is the secure cloud storage system, housed at the AdvanTech, Inc. Secure Data Center; the second options users have is to operate on a closed system within your organization.  AVA Asset Manager can also integrate with any purchasing and receiving system business might already have.




Use the AVA Asset Manager to:

  • Track every durable asset with a unique serial number (fixed or mobile) all the way to a specific room location.
  • Track asset movement throughout buildings or warehouses.
  • Track work orders.
  • Track depreciation of assets.
  • Utilize it as a loss prevention system.
  • Increase the efficiency, accessibility, accuracy, and visibility of your inventory management.

Do you want complete control and visibility over your assets and asset movement? Let AdvanTech, Inc. help you with AVA Asset Manager!




  • Identify facilities down to the room, providing strong visibility.
  • Provides project and work order accounting with both labor and non-labor costs.
  • Low Energy-Bluetooth, Passive RFID and barcode enabled for better tracking.
  • Web and browser-based.
  • Can connect with existing systems including batch or online.
  • Easy to use dashboard interface available.


AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.

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