AVA – ArmoryTrak

AVA Armory Track is a tool developed by AdvanTech engineers that allows Property Officers, such as armors, to track assets using RFID Tags.  Assets, weapons, or other inventory items can be checked out using RFID technology.




This software is a fully-featured inventory management system that provides full audit trails as well as:


  • Multi-entity procurement
  • Requisitioning and receiving
  • Remote inventory
  • Cross leveling
  • Individual property book down to the serial number


AVA Armory Track works through a system of RFID tags, external readers, and a read point controller.  The RFID tags are placed on the weapons or other assets, while the external readers and read point controllers are connected to a local network.  The read point controller is configured so that weapons can be checked in and out of the armory.  Each time a weapon is checked in or out, the Armory Track software is alerted to provide the audit trails with full transaction history.  Weapon tracking can be a big burden on a business, so why not gain better safety and visibility through AVA Armory Track?








  • Increased asset accountability leads to stronger safety.
  • Cost effective way to automate your entire inventory and reduce labor and man hours.
  • Real time visibility.
  • Cell phone and mobile compatible.


AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.

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