Current Applications

UPDATE: Our product lines and services offered have all been updated. ATI is on the cutting edge of technology and logistics and we want you to see all the latest information and updates. Please CLICK HERE to see our most up-to-date offerings.

In addition to developing applications for a specific client’s objective, AdvanTech, Inc. also keeps abreast of overall business needs for many industries in the public and private sectors, and will develop our own applications to meet some of these needs. As new applications are created and rolled out for use in the field, we will add them here, and encourage those with more questions about these applications to contact us to communicate with a technical specialist.

Following are current applications that we have developed. Although applications developed for our clients are proprietary unless the client wishes to make it available in the open market, our development team also uses their own skills and creativity to develop fresh concepts designed to provide solutions to other challenges in business.

Account4Arms software


This web-based 2016 application for the firearms industry was based on an expansion of A&D Secure, but addresses more inventory processes and provides the much-requested point-of-sale (POS) function.


A&D Secure software

A&D Secure

This application for the firearms industry was created in 2013 to streamline the process of maintaining the Acquisition & Disposition (A&D) books required by the ATF for all firearms sales from manufacturing to final sale to retail customer.


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