Application Development & Support

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Application Development

AdvanTech, Inc.’s developers believe in aiming for the client’s objectives when tasked with developing a custom application. Instead of working within comfortable bounds at the expense of omitting some client-requested functionality, they will boldly experiment with new languages and new platforms in order to provide the best solution. They also aren’t afraid to recommend improvements to a client’s initial vision, typically exceeding initial client expectations.

Our developers’ experience in programming, documenting, testing, troubleshooting and fixing bugs enables them to develop and maintain applications unique for each client’s needs. They have an understanding of software from a business perspective, and their focus is making the client’s workflow easier and turning ideas into products.

AdvanTech’s developers follow steps like these—with continuous interaction with the client—to ensure success:

  • Clearly outline the project scope and objectives
  • Develop a project plan
  • Set the design and architecture
  • Select the best user interface for all potential users
  • Perform the actual software coding
  • Keep an ongoing QA and testing regimen
  • Develop supporting documentation
  • Perform the planned implementation
  • Train the users
  • Provide post-implementation support, keeping in mind that an application is a living, ever-changing entity that must be maintained to keep functioning at the highest level with accuracy, visibility and accountability

Application Support

AdvanTech’s development support specialists have mastered the communications process to ensure clients’ challenges and goals are fully understood and thought of beyond implementation. Our analysts are qualified, certified and required to intimately understand the underlying business processes and terminology behind the applications themselves. They anticipate and act in a timely manner to:

  • Respond to emergencies
  • Fix errors
  • Adjust for environmental changes
  • Assist users and answer questions
  • Perform software and hardware upgrades and changes

AdvanTech’s analysts are skilled in active listening and diagnostics, and understanding prioritization. They act as the technical point of contact to fix all application and system issues providing a clear translation between IT-level terminology and a standard business terms so everyone is on the same page. In fact, the application you need help with doesn’t have to be one we created – depending on the application or software language, we may tweak the product in order to get it working the way you need it.

If your government, institution or commercial entity is looking to enlist an expert for application development that is monitored through its support, contact us to communicate with one of our developers.

AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.