Inventory & Asset Management

UPDATE: Our product lines and services offered have all been updated. ATI is on the cutting edge of technology and logistics and we want you to see all the latest information and updates. Please CLICK HERE to see our most up-to-date offerings.

Inventory and Asset Management

Whether it’s called inventory and asset management, supply chain management or logistics, AdvanTech, Inc. strives for excellence as work flows from raw materials to components to manufacturing to retailer to the end user. Successful inventory and asset management, obtained from consistent review for improvements, can result in a significant savings in time, money and manpower, while also better ensuring accuracy, visibility and accountability.

Our specialists provide support to clients for facility, functional and operational planning for Materials Management, Materials & Waste Handling and related inventory and asset management services. This expertise is based on over two decades of experience as administrators, managers, planners, implementers and key advisors to many public and private sector industries.

Some examples of our inventory and asset management work focuses on:

  • Reviewing dock / storeroom layout and designs
  • Space planning, programming and concept development
  • Supply systems planning
  • Central services planning, design and equipment specifications
  • Waste management / handling studies
  • Materials handling and transport planning service center, warehousing / distribution
  • Strategic planning and operational audits

The most prominent technology AdvanTech, Inc. utilizes for inventory and asset management is RFID/Barcoding—we presently develop, integrate and manage Inventory & Asset Management and RFID solutions for several Government (DoD) and commercial clients. We are proud of our over 15-year history of successful RFID projects with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.