Initial Outfitting & Transition

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Initial outfitting and transition of BAMC

AdvanTech, Inc. understands how initial outfitting and transition (IO&T) can often be one of most challenging aspects of project management, its success representing how well the project is initially planned, and affecting later costs significantly if not performed correctly. Our many government, institutional and commercial IO&T clients over the years can attest to the key role that we have played in that process.

When preparing to build a new institution, the specifications for each room’s functions must be taken into account, and these vary greatly depending on the overall project, the industry, and the room and its contents. For a VA hospital, for example, the specifications for each room’s functions (eg, a procedural room, such as for computed tomography [CT] scans) must be taken into account. In this case, regulations regarding radiation safety are just as much of a factor for IO&T planning as are power sources, building materials, and dimensions of the room layout.

ATI provides services for all facets of IO&T projects, including but not limited to:

  • Initial requirements determination
  • Existing asset evaluation
  • Room‐by‐room equipment list development (including furniture and furnishings)
  • Procurement documentation
  • Actual procurement
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Final turnover

We know that for an IO&T contract, even the smallest detail can determine whether a project is ultimately a success or a failure, and understand that an early missed or incorrect step becomes exponentially more costly the further along in the process it is discovered. Our seasoned IO&T specialists employ comprehensive planning, allowing maximized efficiency at minimized costs.

AdvanTech has worked in a wide range of facility types, especially in all aspects of the healthcare industry, where equipment placement and utility is crucial. With years of relevant experience in logistics and management, our team uses these tools to accomplish our clients’ IO&T projects beyond their expectations.

For initial outfitting and transition assistance, contact AdvanTech if you wish to submit an RFP or to ask us for IO&T solutions we can provide.

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