Measure-ITTM is a software application that provides an automated method of data collection and reporting of body and apparel measurements.  It is paired with a Bluetooth measuring device that allows users to take accurate measurements at the click of a button.  Measure-IT reduces the amount of labor time it takes to record body and apparel measurements by 55%. 

With Measure-IT, data collection and data entry take one simple step.  Trained personnel take a measurement using the Bluetooth Measuring Device.  Once the measurement is taken, the information is transmitted to a tablet or PC to create a digital process, cutting out manual data entry.  Customers use this data for size prediction, requirement planning, to provide required body measurements for uniforms and personnel protective equipment, injury prediction, and can even be used to generate 3D avatars that provide visual validation. Save time and money, increase productivity, reduce errors by automating the measurement process through Measure-IT!




  • A significant amount of time and money is saved by cutting out data entry.
  • The measure-IT interface is very easy to use.
  • Measurements are extremely accurate to within 1/10th of an inch.
  • Human error is no longer accounted for as the single source of data eliminates data entry errors.


AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.