HPS awards ATi a multi-year contract

ATI AdvanTech

February 27, 2018 

Annapolis, Maryland

HPS awards ATi a multi-year contract for RFID Asset and Inventory Management and Services

MIDDLEVILLE, Mich. & ANNAPOLIS, MD: HPS – a group purchasing organization (GPO) with more than 3,900 members –
including 139 acute care and 1,523 non-acute care facilities in 22 states – has signed a multi-year agreement with
AdvanTech, Inc. (ATi) – a software developer, leader in the development of Low-Energy Bluetooth (LEB) and passive RFID
Asset Tracking solutions, and advanced technology systems integrator – for access to ATi’s comprehensive suite of RFID
Supply Chain and Asset Management applications, and expense management services. Through the multi-year agreement
effective March 1, 2018, ATi will provide its portfolio of system applications and services to HPS members at extremely
discounted rates.

“We are honored and excited to have been selected by HPS and awarded a contract to deliver a suite of advanced software
and hardware systems and related services to HPS members. It is our commitment to deliver very significant value in
terms of improved accuracy, visibility and accountability, as well as increased operational efficiency and expense control,”
said Robert Bona, ATi’s Chief Executive Officer.

HPS has an expanded contract portfolio and national contracting tiers and pricing for their members. “Our driving passion
is in providing value to our members,” said Tom LaPres, President and Chief Executive Officer of HPS.

About HPS
Based in Middleville, Michigan, HPS is a member-owned GPO, established in 1949. Its members come from a variety of
fields, namely the medical, senior living, and education fields, as well as camps, municipalities, jails, senior meals
operations, and others.  HPS offers its members access to more
than 120 regional contracts, as well as a purchasing program for furniture and equipment, and an in-house interior design
program. For more information, visit https://hpsgpo.com/.

About ATI
ATi is an Annapolis MD-based company that was founded in 1996 to drive competitive advantage through implementation
of advanced technologies. They have successfully integrated various advanced technologies across
numerous industries. The team at ATi has over 85 years of collective experience in Healthcare,
Education, Defense, Security, and Government institutions, as well as Public Corporations and Private
Industries. For more information, visit www.advantech-inc.com.

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