Warehouse Technician

Warehouse Technician

AdvanTech is seeking qualified applicants as 1099 Contract workers for a 7-9 month project at Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center. Applicants will join an existing warehouse team to completely catalog and organize the PW5 Warehouse on base. Knowledge of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems and parts a plus. This is a temporary contract, work on this contract is not a guarantee of future work. Pay starts at $12/hour.

Basic Tasks:

  • Sort, organize, clean and arrange building material supplies.
  • Identify and inventory current stock;
  • Separate inventoried current stock by like items and store in appropriate bin location;
  • Stock all locations with currently available material;
  • Enter location of current/received stock to the physical storage location, if not, deliver inventory location to Government;
  • Identify excess/non-usable material;
  • Stacking/storing of material;
  • Loading and unloading contractor trucks for material being disposed;
  • Conduct various inventory activities;
  • Retrieval and put-a-way/stowage;
  • General housekeeping and cleaning of warehouses over and above BOS services under contractor control;
  • Providing, operating and maintaining contractor supplied material handling equipment (MHE) as needed;
  • Review, identify and document duplicate material line items;
  • Comply with standard material definitions;
  • Other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the Contractor.


Additional Requirements:

  • Knowledge and use of computers if applicable to their duties/task(s);
  • Proficient in reading and capable of communicating effectively in English;
  • Proficient in basic math skills;
  • Contractor personnel shall be capable of standing, bending, lifting and walking for most of a workday; and, shall be capable of lifting and carrying moderately heavy material (up to 70 lbs.);
  • Knowledge of warehousing and materials handling methods and techniques;
  • Knowledge in operating computerized warehouse management system software if applicable to their duties/task(s);
  • Knowledgeable in the use of hand-held scanners;
  • Skill in operating motorized and manual equipment and tools to include forklifts, platform lifts, drills, banding equipment, shears, stretch wrap, etc.;
  • Ability to prepare reports and document to support shipping, receiving, and inventory control if applicable to their duties/task(s); and
  • Ability to load and unload shipments and store contents in an efficient manner, maximizing warehouse space.


Interested? Pursue our Open Positions, and please send your inquiry with resume to jobs@advantech-inc.com.