Utah Valley University – RFID and ASSET MANAGEMENT

AdvanTech, Inc. (ATI) is pleased to submit this Proposal to Utah Valley University (“UVU”) regarding our commitment to providing RFID hardware, software and expert services as outlined in your SOW, exceeding your expectations.

Picture2We plan to address UVU’s needs with our Asset Manager, Item Manager and RFID Manager applications—part of our system the AVATM Enterprise Manager Suite—in conjunction with RFID handheld units linked to laptops with the application. This proposed option provides a simple, user-friendly, and flexible solution to track any asset or inventory – fixed, moveable, consumable or human – from the time it enters until the time it leaves, with barcodes and RFID. We have also included sample screens from our AVA applications you can view them here. 

Our system was designed to be integrated into an organization’s operations, rather than having the operations change to fit the system. Our process review explains how we can teach UVU to inventory all assets and reconcile them at the same time for immediate benefits. However, we will also explain how the overall process would work upon expansion to more and different types of assets, and to as many departments as desired.


Key to this project is the working knowledge and innovation of RFID, and how UVU’s needs will expand in the future. ATI understands the physics of RFID which we will describe in greater detail in this proposal. We are excited at the prospect of working on this important project that hits all the areas of our expertise. With an over 12-year focus on all aspects of passive and active RFID, as well as barcodes, we genuinely believe ATI can not only install and ensure a current structure RFID system that works with your existing programs, but can continue to review and advise as both technology and the needs of UVU change and grow. Finally, our partnership with Zebra Technologies keeps us up to date with innovations in hardware and inlays.

ATI would be pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding this document. We especially recommend a demonstration after initial proposals have been reviewed, as we believe UVU will benefit greatly from learning how to incorporate RFID into other areas more efficiently. We hereby confirm that we accept any financial responsibility for any travel expenses incurred for any such oral presentation, interview or demonstration.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide our proven capabilities and thank you in advance for allowing us to submit our cost and technical proposals for your consideration.


Robert Bona, CEO / General Manager


Cell: 410-935-4082

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PDF

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Sample Screens

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