City of Cincinnati – Inventory Management System

AdvanTech, Inc. (ATI) is pleased to submit this Proposal to the City of Cincinnati (“the City”) regarding the RFP for an Enterprise Inventory Management System to track various medical, equipment, and consumable items in the departments of Parks, Recreation, Police, Fire, ETS, and Health.

The attached documents will demonstrate that we understand what you are looking for and that we believe we are capable of being the sole provider of these desired services, completing the project on time and exceeding expectations. We will describe our full-level integration of fixed and moveable assets, supplies, types of apparatus, controlled substances, certifications, etc., and use of multiple Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies instead of or in conjunction with barcoding. We also emphasize our extensive work with and access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in regard to all the pertinent details of managing controlled substance inventory to meet or exceed all internal and external requirements, ensuring the security and personal safety of all affected parties in relation to access to the controlled substance schedules.

We have also included sample screens from our AVA applications you can view them here. 

Our AVA™ Enterprise Manager Suite was designed to leverage the benefits of RFID technology. Our experience and past documented results have shown substantial improvements in inventory accuracy and reduced data errors. There are several references to RFID usage in the document; as our experience points to this being the best option in managing this inventory, that is how we priced. However, solely barcode technology can be used in its place. When installed, our Enterprise Manager Suite provides real-time visibility of inventory assets on-hand, by location, and within the procurement and receiving processes. Additional ATI-created items being offered in this proposal to address specific inventory needs of Public Safety is Measure-IT size prediction software (for the City’s Public Safety uniforms), and ArmoryTrak software (designed specifically for tracking and accounting for Firearms and other related serialized items; RFID tags can be permanently attached to each item so the issuing and turn-in processes can be fully automated)

ATI was founded in 1996. The original and current principals were supply chain operation directors in Government, Military, and Healthcare, and the software we use was designed to support operations. ATI’s Leadership experience comes from operations and IT management responsibilities from many years in mid to large Healthcare Systems and Military Logistics. Our staff consists of Program, Logistics, Information Technology and Asset Managers who have proven track records of providing solutions to organizations in Operations, Inventory Logistics and Supply Chain within the healthcare, government, law enforcement, first responder and education segments. Our prior projects included Asset and Inventory Management, Facilities Design and Construction, Warehouse Management, Property Book Management, and Data Warehousing with a focus on improving performance and tracking results.

Our value-added services also provide access to our extensive network within the Manufacturing and Distribution segments. When necessary, we have worked with those segments to incorporate technology solutions that improve their processes as well as the end user of their items. In this case, we can leverage our relationships with the manufacturers of First Responder Vehicles (E One, KME, Oshkosh) and medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers or distributors. We have no doubt specific processes you are performing in the checklist areas could be automated and incorporated into the future vehicles. This is something we would definitely explore with the vehicle manufacturers.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide our proven capabilities and thank you in advance for allowing us to submit our cost and technical proposals for your consideration.


Robert Bona, CEO / General Manager

Cell: 410-935-4082

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PDF

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Sample Screens








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