Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility

AdvanTech, Inc. (ATI) is pleased to submit this proposal for your RFQ for Materials Management System.

This document will demonstrate that we understand what you are looking for, and that we believe we are capable of being the sole provider of these desired services. Our Headquarters are located in Annapolis, MD with locations throughout the country. For the purposes of this proposal, we will provide support from both our San Antonio and Denver/Colorado Springs locations.

We are proposing our AVA™ Manager Suite, a comprehensive Asset Management application to track assets (movable and fixed) as well as inventory locations including nursing PAR levels throughout the facility. When installed, our Asset Manager software provides real-time visibility of inventory assets on-hand, by location, and within the procurement, in transit and receiving processes. Our AVA Manager Suite was designed to maximize the capabilities of both passive RFID and low-energy Bluetooth (LEB) to provide the most cost-effective solution that automatically and accurately collects data. Per the requirements described in the RFQ document, we are proposing the Barcode option. However, the barcode can be upgraded to RFID at any time in the future.

ATI reviewed CCHCF’s profile in the American Hospital Directory and took general percentage of expenses represented by medical and pharmacy supplies (~22%), as well as scanned to proactively see how to approach other challenges specific to CCHCF.  We touch on some of these issues in the Executive Summary in the first section. Note also that we are pricing to include two additional years of maintenance as we believe that CCHCF would benefit from the lower pricing from any vendor for a contract of this length.

ATI’s staff consists of Program, Logistics, Information Technology and Asset Managers who have proven track records of providing solutions to organizations in Operations, Inventory Logistics and Supply Chain within the education, healthcare, government, and law enforcement segments. Our services include Facilities Design and Construction, Asset and Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Property Book Management, Data Warehousing, as well as developing and designing customized Inventory Control and Asset Management Applications.

ATI has created a private web page for CCHCF that features additional marketing detail on our recommended solutions, as well as videos to view the RFID process at current client sites. This material is easily accessed at: We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding this document, and we look forward to an opportunity to provide our proven capabilities, including a demonstration, if desired. Thank you for the opportunity to submit our capabilities for your consideration.




Robert Bona, CEO / General Manager

Cell: 410-935-4082


AVA Integrated Modules Overview PDF

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT

AVA Integrated Modules Overview PPT









AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.

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