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Tom O’Boyle Joins AdvanTech, Inc. as Executive Director, RFID Operations

Tom O'Boyle

Tom O’Boyle – Director of RFID Operations


Tom O’Boyle Joins AdvanTech, Inc. as Executive Director, RFID Operations

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (September 28, 2020) – AdvanTech, Inc. (ATI), a provider of automated identification technology and asset tracking solutions headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, announced the hire of Tom O’Boyle of Schaumburg, IL as its Executive Director, RFID Operations. O’Boyle leads ATI’s RFID team in the design, integration, and deployment of RFID and IoT solutions for a wide range of industries including supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and defense.

O’Boyle brings over 20 years of RFID development to ATI and has been responsible for hundreds of RFID implementations. Said ATI CEO/General Manager Robert Bona, “AdvanTech has always focused on leveraging the many benefits of RFID technology, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified than an industry leader like Tom to move our RFID technology solutions into new, diverse areas.”

Prior to joining ATI, O’Boyle served as Director of RFID at Barcoding, Inc. where he led the RFID team for six years, and over a decade each as Vice President of Miles Technologies, Inc. and in sales and product management for Zebra Technologies. While at Miles, he partnered with ATI to provide Military apparel manufacturers the ability to incorporate item, carton and pallet level RFID into their assembly and shipping functions. 

O’Boyle received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology and is a frequent industry speaker.

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Making the Most of the Downturn: Lay the Groundwork Now!

MAY 2020

Making the Most of the Downturn: Lay the Groundwork Now!

Many organizations large and small are reeling from the recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting downturn in economic activities. This downturn leaves many of us facing the reality of thin margins, and the significant impact of operational costs. Never has proper management of inventory seemed more relevant and important than now.

Over the years, many organizations (ourselves included) have put off making changes or investing in improvements that would help lower our internal logistics and asset/supply management costs. With more states, cities and counties having moved to temporary “shelter in place” and closing non-essential businesses down, now is the opportune time to assess how your organization will look after the country reopens. The three overriding questions are:

What will we need to do to get customers back?

How much will the workforce have changed?

Where will we need to focus resources to improve operations and maximize our assets?

AdvanTech, Inc. is a Logistics Technology Integrator whose focus is based in operations, not IT. We provide organizations with the hardware and software needed to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs through the effective management of supplies and assets. Our solutions are based on our first-hand experiences with real-time Total Asset Visibility throughout all segments in the Supply Chain.

Our blended (Low Energy Bluetooth and RFID) RTLS and Business Intelligence systems provide total Accuracy, Visibility, and Accountability of all your assets (equipment, supplies and labor) by increasing automation and reducing non-productive time managing these assets. Now is the perfect time to discuss the next steps you should take for what most certainly will be a brand-new chapter in your organization’s successful operational transformation.

Visit our products page and contact us today to see how we can work together to better prepare for the future.



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