AdvanTech, Inc. announces it has proprietary Micro Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB) RFID Solutions for the Healthcare Industry and Educational Institutions

ATI AdvanTech


Offers low-cost, custom-tailored alternative for true
real-time location and tracking of high-cost moveable assets


Low Energy Bluetooth RFID provides wide functionality and immediate data for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) without the high cost, intrusive specialty readers and antennas. The micro beacons address the historic limitations of Passive RFID including very limited signal reception through metal, water and thick concrete walls/floors.

AdvanTech has developed the in-house technical expertise to design the appropriate beacon form factor: micro readers that don’t require wires for power and network connectivity. The company’s back-end read point controller software incorporates user-defined business rules to determine specific actions, generate automated alert messages, and compile performance statistics to identify areas for operational improvements.

“Other than cost, there are three important factors that make this technology viable: the ability to locate an item to within inches of its true location; more efficient battery management that is measured in years (versus months); and being able to use a Smartphone as a handheld reader,” says Robert Bona, CEO and GM. “We can now develop specialized form factors to better incorporate the LEB beacons into the assets being tracked.”

AdvanTech is a Maryland-based company that has been around since 1996. They have successfully integrated numerous technologies across numerous industries. The company has over 85 years of collective experience in the Healthcare Industry and Educational Institutions.


Robert E. Bona
CEO and General Manager
Phone:  410-935-4082