AVA – RFID Manager

AVA RFID Manager is AdvanTech’s solution that upgrades Asset and Item Manager applications to use RFID technology. RFID tags provide access control in supply chain management systems, to track inventory movement.  With our solution, various RFID tag standards are supported including EPC Gen2 and Low-Energy Bluetooth.

The tracking system involves a read point controller and RFID readers.  The read point controller communicates with the RFID readers.  The readers send signals back to the read point controller, telling it where the tagged asset is.  The read point controller is then paired up with any kind of inventory or asset manager, central data warehouse or legacy system that will keep it updated on where the asset is while in the warehouse.  It can also be set up to send out texts or emails!

AVA RFID Manager offers two different types of inventory tracking.  The Low Energy Bluetooth Solution is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that provides real time tracking of assets using Low Energy Bluetooth tags.  The reading distance of the tags is up to 150 feet and tracks movement as it is happening.  We also offer a Passive RFID Solution that provides companies the ability to track inventory using Passive RFID.  These tags have a reading distance within 8-12 feet.



  • Businesses have the ability to control all inventory that goes through their warehouse from processing to shipping.
  • Gain visibility of all supply chain management processes.
  • Cut down on avoidable expenses that come from high-cost or high-loss inventory items.
AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.

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