AnthroTrakTM application automates the tracking of body measurements and 3-D body images. It uses body measurements to track changes in length, width, and size to see the relationship with fitness plans. This app provides visualization and progress towards body goals.  The application requires that fitness centers have access to 3-D body scanners.

AnthroTrak extracts data from the software through an encrypted private connection.  The app creates a report that gives up to 180 different measurements of body parts.  Individuals use these measurements to track changes in body shape and size, which gives the ability to set concrete goals and see concrete results.  It is intended for fitness trainers, gyms, fitness organizations, and even college and professional sports teams. See the change and be the change through AnthroTrak!



  • Measurements are used to set personal goals
  • Complete visualization of improvements in body profile
  • Intended clients include gyms, fitness organizations, and even professional sports teams
  • Supports thousands of users
  • Clear visual interface increasing ease of use
  • Can be used to make predictive models


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