Database Management

Database Management

As a primary task for Network Security, AdvanTech, Inc. knows the growing need for database management, as the volume of public and private business data has grown exponentially.  Our Microsoft-certified Database Administrators (DBAs) can perform the all standard functions of database administration including:

  • Regular backups and tape management per applicable standards
  • Database growth pattern observation
  • Log monitoring
  • Data integrity maintenance
  • Database analysis and tuning
  • Database encryption and security monitoring

AdvanTech provides on-site support through our Technical Support Specialists (TSS), who are skilled and certified in computer operations, maintenance scheduling and performance, monitoring of environmental conditions, backup tape handling, rotation and storage, and reporting and escalating response to problems.  Primary duties of Technical Support Personnel may include:

  • Local transaction monitoring
  • Hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Software, operating system and hardware updates
  • Physical inventory preparations and participation
  • Special ad-hoc reports and spreadsheets
  • Assistance in daily issuing and receiving operational tasks

With Help Desk locations in Long Beach, CA and our headquarters in Annapolis, MD, contact us to discuss what database management coverage your firm may need.

AdvanTech, Inc. makes your firm’s accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility.
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